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  1. Wey or buey!
    Context: Utilized when speaking to another affiliate of the group. For example,
    Que onda wey? Que onda buey? That is to say, what is up dude? Whats up man
  2. que onda buey,wey,yonke, junk, mexicanos, español, auto parts ...
    9 Apr 2010 ... imperio auto wrecking and used parts, these guys
    talk the talk, and thought i was bruce willis.otay mesa, tijuana,l ...
  3. Urban Dictionary: guey
    Dude in Spanish. Correct spelling is actually "buey" but sounds like "guey" or "
    way" so it's just changed a bit. Literally means "ox", and is a neg...
  4. Qué onda güey : My Spanish Notes
    20 Feb 2010 ... To be honest, I can't believe I haven't posted about this a long time ago. If you
    spend any significant amount of time in México socializing with ...
  5. at Website Informer. Que Onda Guey ...
    10 Dec 1999 ... Keywords: reggaeton, don omar, alejandra guzman, daddy yankee, pit bull,
    electronic, rock en espanol, que onda guey, que onda buey, que ...
  6. Buey/Güey - WordReference Forums
    Hi Andrea: Buey, with a b, is an ox. Güey, with a g, is a colloquial word meaning
    something like "dude", but güey is not to be used in front of ...
  7. Matt Truax (MattTruax) on Twitter
    Matt Truax ‏@MattTruax Sep 25 · @eltemock @laverdadJR que onda buey...
    traete las pinches cheves para ponernos bien pedos... espero que te veo pronto!
  8. Intersections: Meet Diego, 20, a Mexico City psychobilly
    6 Dec 2007 ... denise said... que onda buey, i want to see a picture of YOU with a mohawk!
    Reply 07 December 2007 at 09:12 AM. Diego said... TOCAYO!
  9. Güey - Buey -Wey (México) - WordReference Forums
    El origen del uso de este término (en su uso coloquial, de "slang", obviamente!) y
    la forma correcta de escribirlo?
  10. Spanish phrases like "nice to see you?"?
    It is "Que onda buey" pronounced=kai ownduh way.To say goodbye is "Hay nos
    vemos buey"pronounced=i nose vaimus way.This the modern ...



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