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PublicatienummerUS872494 A
Publicatiedatum3 dec 1907
Aanvraagdatum17 nov 1905
Prioriteitsdatum17 nov 1905
PublicatienummerUS 872494 A, US 872494A, US-A-872494, US872494 A, US872494A
UitvindersHarvey Blackburn
Oorspronkelijke patenteigenaarHarvey Blackburn
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Beer-coil cleaner.
US 872494 A
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PATENTED DEC. 3, 1907.




gmvewtoz @M Mwoaca:


BE R-con.

concern: I Be it known thatI, HARVEY BLACKBURX, a citizen of theUnited States, residing. at

.. Evansville, in the county of Vand'e'rburg and 5 State of Indiana; have invented a new and j r useful-Beer-Coil Cleaner, of which the follow- {formed in the valve between the ports ing is a specification.

My invention relates to useful improvements in beer coil cleaners and 1 provided with passage-ways G has for its object to provide adevice which s very simple and-cheap .in construction, and

- one which is very efiective. in use.

' coupling.

' Another object of and quickly thoroughlyin ave shorttime.

Another object o my lnvention is to prothe device so that the air and cleaning fluid can be easily controlled.

With these objects in view, the invention consists of the novel features of construction,

, combination and arrangement of(parts herev25 inafter fully described and pointe out in the claims. I i In the-drawings forming a part of this s ecification:Figure 1 is a perspective view 0 the device attached to thecoil and faucet. Figs. 2 and 3 are section views'of the valve showing the plugs turned in different ositions.. Fig. 4 is a section view of the m ber Fig. 5 is asectionalview of one of the jar caps. Referring to the drawings A and B, indicate a (pair of glass jars,in which the cleaning flui is adapted'to be placed. The jars are provided with screw-threaded necks, on which metal caps A and B, are adapted to be secured. The caps are rovided with threaded openings A, A and 2 and B Metal pipes C and D are arranged in the these pipes, the tube C, being adapted to be connected to the end' of the coil R, and the,

- p)ipe D, is provided with'an elastic coupling which is adapted to. fit over the faucet S. Curved pipes E and F, are arranged in the Specificationof Letters I'atent. 7 Application filed-November 1"], 1905; Serial No. 287.817.

- openings A i ports G and G tank Exhaust ports G and G v myinvention is to provide a device whichcan be easily be forcedback and forth through t air tank ,coil, of pipes extending Ifat'ented Dec. 3, 190'7.

and B and are connected to the of the valve G, which is also provided with a port G which is connected to a rubber tube H, leading from the air are GI and G for the purpose hereinafter described.

certain new and The-valve is provided with a turning plug G and G The passage-way G being adapted to be turned by'the handle G so as to connect the air port G with either one of the ports G or G as desired. It will be seen that when the j v I port G is connected to the port G, the port attached without disconnecting the coilfrom G the faucet, and one that will clean the-coil j will be connected to the exhaust port G or vice-versa so as to allow the air to escape from .the jar, in which the cleaning liquid is entering as to prevent any back pressure.

From the foregoing description it will be seen that Ihave provided a very simple and cheap device in which the cleanin fluid can e coil, by merely turning the handle of the valve as the direction of the fluid is regulated by the position of the handle, and is shown by arrows in Fi 1, passing in one direction.

Iiaving thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. In a device of the kind described, the

combination with jars adapted to contain cleaning'fiuid, of tubes carried by sald jars adapted to be connected respectively to the ends of a coil, pipes connecting said jars carrying avalve provided with an exhaust and an connected to said valve by said tank adapted to contain compressed air for forcing the li uid out of one. jar through the coil to the ot er jar.

2. In a device of the kind described, the combination witha pair of jars carrying rubber-tubes adapted to be connected to the upwardly from said jars, a valve casing-connected to said pipes provided with exhaust ports, and an air tank connected to said valve casing, and Pl in. said scribed.-

3. In a device of valve casing, for the purpose dethe kind described, the

a tube a provided with passage-ways arranged combination with'jars provided with rubber air tube withthe other pipes, for thepurpose I tubes, of pipes connected to said ars, a I described. three-Way valve casing connected 'to said pipes provided with exhaust ports, an air HARVEY BLACKBURN- 5 .tube connected to said valve'casing, and a Witnesses:

plug, mounted in said valve casing provided WM. J. WOOLLEY,

W1th passage-ways adapted toj'connect the EQB. DE-OnAMP.

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